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Monday, January 31, 2011

Problem Steps Recorder Video

I've created a demonstration of how the problem steps recorder works in Windows 7.

LibreOffice offshoot LibreOffice is here.  Twenty programmers have been working on LibreOffice.  LibreOffice 3.3 offers the ability to import SVG graphics, 1 million row capability in Calc, a Microsoft Works import filer and a presentation console. [cnet]

More about AutoHotKey

There are some good places to go to find out more information about AutoHotKey on the web.
Lifehack has a page with 10 ways to use the program [LifeHack] It includes keyboard shortcuts to favorite folders, and ways to manage multiple signatures.

There's also an AutoHotKey tutorial page: [Tutorial]

And if a key on your keyboard ever breaks there's no need to get a new one either...[Keyboard]


Another one of my favorite applications is TeamViewer.  It’s a free remote desktop software package as long as it’s for personal use.  It’s available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone/iPad/Android.

  If I have something running at home and just want to check the status, having the ability to log into my home computer from my phone is great.  It comes with integrated file transfer that allows copying of files and folders to and from a remote partner.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Portable Hackintosh

Ever wanted to create a portable hackintosh? 

Lifehacker explains how it can be done.

All you need is a Mac to create it and then you can run it on an Intel computer.

Friday, January 28, 2011

How to use AutoHotKey as a text expander

Once you’ve installed AutoHotKey you can have it auto complete text for you.  This can save a lot of time on anything you type frequently. 

Here’s a walkthrough on how you can create an auto complete script with AutoHotKey:

1.)    Create a new script by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop. Then click on ‘New’ and then ‘AutoHotKey script’.

2.)    Open the file you just created by right-clicking on it and clicking ‘Open with’ and then select ‘Notepad’.  Note: if you just double-click the file it runs the script and you won’t see anything.

3.)    To set up a text expander function:
If you want to set up a key sequence to expand text then you can model your script after one of the examples below. For example, you could make typing ‘billyjoe@’ (without the quotes) automatically become  ‘’.  If you’re setting up to have it automatically complete it’s important to have the key sequence be separate from your everyday typing.  Let’s say, for example, you set the key sequence ‘bi’ to auto complete to  Then every time you try to type ‘bike’ when the script is running you’ll end up with  So, it needs to be a unique combination.  You can also set it up to expand the text after typing ‘bi’ + the Enter key.  Any key sequence will work.  Below I’ve shown how to do this in option 2.

Option 1:
Type the following text into the bottom of an AutoHotKey script so that every time you type ‘billyjoe@’ it will autocomplete as ‘’:


Option 2:
Type the following text into the bottom of an AutoHotKey script so that every time you type ‘bi + Enter’ it will autocomplete as ‘’:


The difference between the two is seen in the first part of the script. ‘:*’ Tells it to auto complete after typing the subsequent keys and ‘::’ tells it to auto complete after typing the subsequent keys and the enter key.

4.)    Save the file.
5.)    Right click on the script on the desktop and select ‘Compile Script’.
6.)    Double-click it to run the script.

Now type in your key sequence and watch it expand like magic.

Want your facebook status to be in an ad? Well, you may have no choice.

Facebook is rolling out a new program that will allow a company to convert your status into an ad. Currently, there's no way to opt out.

This may be great advertising but it just doesn't seem right...


If you’re like me, at some point you’ve had to perform mindless repetative tasks on your computer.  AutoHotKey is my favorite way of speeding up such tasks.

Here are the reasons I like it:

  • It’s free.

  • It’s easy.  No prior programming knowledge required.  AutoScriptWriter, which is included in the AutoHotKey, takes the guess work out.  It will record your actions and create a script that you then paste into a new AutoHotKey file.

  • The script can run on any computer.  You can convert the files to .exe.

  • It can do almost anything.  I did find something it couldn’t do when I was using it though.  I tried to create a script that would auto log me into a secure site but the program couldn’t retain my login info…which is probably a good thing…but I then couldn’t create the script I wanted.

  • It’s a text expander.  So if you enter the same information over and over it can help save time.  For example: entering an email address.

You can download it at:

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why you may want to change your Amazon password

If you haven't changed your Amazon password in a while you may want to because of a security flaw. Check out the lifehacker article:

Problem steps recorder

Ever needed to describe a computer problem to someone to get help? You should try the problem steps recorder. It’s built into Windows 7. It creates a handy file complete with images and descriptions of what’s going on. If you’ve never seen it, you can go to the Start menu and search for it (it's actually called psr.exe).

You could also use this software to record the steps in doing just about anything on your PC. Note: anything you type isn’t recorded, so if you’d want to include that you could type a note.

Here’s a video demonstrating how it works:

If you don't have Windows 7, you may be able to use Screenrecorder.  It was featured in TechNet magazine.  Here's the article:
TechNet Utility

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AT&T may allow some users to get their unlimited data back

With the coming of the new Verizon iPhone AT&T is now allowing some customers to revert back to their unlimited plan. The loophole doesn’t include customers who didn't previously have an unlimited data plan.
[The Wall Street Journal]

High-Speed Internet for Everyone

During the State of the Union Speech on January 25, 2011 the president pledged to deliver high-speed internet connections to 98% of Americans within 5 years.

This is what he said:
"Within the next five years, we will make it possible for business to deploy the next generation of high-speed wireless coverage to 98% of all Americans. This isn't just about a faster internet and fewer dropped calls. It's about connecting every part of America to the digital age. It's about a rural community in Iowa or Alabama where farmers and small business owners will be able to sell their products all over the world. It's about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device; a student who can take classes with a digital textbook; or a patient who can have face-to-face video chats with her doctor."[NYTimes]

“Just 57 percent of Americans use broadband services, although 91 percent of American homes have access to them, according to a report released last month by the Pew Internet & American Life Project. And one-third of Americans who don't use broadband said cost would prohibit them from buying it.” [FoxNews]

It doesnt seem like the ability to get a connection is the real issue with many Americans not having high-speed Internet.
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